• Is the Indian infant formula market set for major growth?


    Human milk is the best nutrition for infants, it is the gold standard and today, with only 40% worldwide average for exclusive breastfeeding, governments and other important organizations such as the World Health Organization, are trying to increase breastfeeding rates. India is an example of governmental [...]

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  • Five changes from China’s regulatory reform


    January 2020 marked two years since China’s tough new laws on infant formula came into force, and the country continues to ramp up expectations on manufacturers. Here, we take a look at some of the key changes that have come into force during our decade of sales in China. 1.Safety [...]

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  • How is coronavirus impacting the infant formula market?


    As coronavirus swept countries across the world in the early months of 2020, it brought dramatic change to consumers’ shopping habits. Many have cut back on non-essential items and increased spending on groceries and household supplies, building up their stockpiles of essential goods. For [...]

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  • Another step towards the gold standard


    INFAT®PRO – The right type of fat where it matters most Human milk offers the best possible nutrition for infants and represents the gold standard for the infant nutrition industry. Since the first attempt [...]

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  • Seven Facts About the Latin American Infant Formula Market


    1. High growth has been forecast The total market for infant formula in Latin America is currently $2.2 billion (150,000 metric tonnes in volume) and significant growth is forecast for the next four years. The region is promising territory for some of the world’s biggest formula [...]

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  • Why Chinese Parents are Right to Demand OPO


    OPO (sn2 palmitate) is the fastest growing premium ingredient in China’s huge infant formula market. Why? Because Chinese parents place a great deal of importance on the quality and nutritional level of the formula that they choose for their babies. They know that OPO containing formula [...]

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  • Benefits Beyond the Gut sn2 Palmitate and Bone Health


    sn2 Palmitate, such as Advanced Lipids’ INFAT®, is a bioactive structured fat ingredient used in infant formulas. It has been clinically tested to offer a range of benefits for babies, including better fat and calcium absorption, softer stools, longer sleep [...]

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  • Eight Facts About the Chinese Infant Formula Market


    In Chinese numerology, eight is the luckiest number. In Cantonese, it sounds similar to the words for both “wealth” and [...]

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  • China’s Switching From One Child to Second Child Policy, and Its Influence on the Infant Formula Market


    It stands to reason that more babies means higher demand for formula, so last year’s decision by the Chinese government to relax its decades-old one child policy, and allow second child policy, has been the source of considerable [...]

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  • The Gold Standard – How We Imitate Mother’s Milk


    They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and we’re not ashamed to say that we want to help manufacturers copy Mother’s Milk as closely as possible. Human breast milk is the gold standard towards which every formula brand should strive. There is no doubt that it provides [...]

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