The science behind INFAT®

INFAT® is an sn2 palmitate (OPO) fat ingredient with 7 clinically tested benefits

Human milk is the best nutrition for infants Human milk provides the optimal nutrition for infants. It offers perfectly balanced nutrition, naturally meeting the needs of growing infants in the first months of life. In human milk, the fat provides about 50% of the energy newborns require for proper development and growth.

sn2 palmitate – a unique feature of human milk Human milk research has revealed a unique structure where palmitic acid, one of the most abundant fatty acids found in human milk, is usually attached (70-75% of the time) to the middle position in the glycerol back-bone. This typical structure is found in human milk of women all over the world, regardless of nutritional diet, ethnicity or age, suggesting that it may serve an important function.

INFAT® OPO – enhances the sn2 palmitate level INFAT®, a specially structured vegetable oil with palmitic acid bound to the middle position of the triglyceride (also known as sn2 position), developed for infant formula to elevate its sn2 palmitate level, so it is closer to human milk fat structure.

How does it work? In the newborn infant, enzymes, called lipases, play important roles in digestion of the triglycerides. These enzymes cleave the fatty acids from positions 1 and 3, producing 2 free fatty acids and a 2-monoacylglycerol. The free fatty acids and the monoglyceride are all absorbed after they form micelles with bile salts. In human milk, where the long saturated fatty acids, like palmitic acid, is bound to the middle position, the process of free fatty acids and 2-monoacylglycerol absorption is efficient. However, when the infant is fed with a formula containing standard vegetable oils, the palmitic is cleaved off can form insoluble calcium salts in the intestinal lumen, referred to as calcium soaps. The formation of calcium soaps negatively affects both calcium and saturated fatty acid absorption. The calcium soaps pass further along the intestinal tract where they may contribute to hard stool and infant discomfort. INFAT®, a fat ingredient with palmitic acid in the sn2 position has been studied in several
clinical studies and was shown to increase fat and calcium absorption, to promote softer stools and to generally contribute to the well-being of the young infant.


State-of-the-art production INFAT® is produced for Advanced Lipids in the facilities of AAK in Karlshamn, Sweden. The state of the art, fully automated production unit, is designed for continuous operation, and equipped with the latest technology for the enzymatic process of structured triglycerides of the type found in mother’s milk.

Our patented enzymatic process INFAT® production is fully integrated into the AAK oils and fats manufacturing facility, which is suitable for production of tailor-made blends for the global infant formula industry. The AAK factory has a high quality standard with a strong focus on food safety, and has an existing logistical structure in place – from raw materials, production, quality control, and storage of finished goods, to dispatch.

Enabling an optimal level of sn-2 palmitate The plant has all necessary quality assurance and quality control certifications for the baby food industry.

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