INFAT®PRO – a new grade with higher concentration of sn2 palmitate

INFAT® PRO has fat structure and properties closer than ever to the fat in natural human milk. INFAT® PRO is a new grade specially formulated to reach a higher concentration of palmitic acid in the middle position of the triglyceride than INFAT®. Figure 1 shows that increasing the level of palmitic acid (16:0) at the sn2 position leads to an increase in calcium and fat absorption.

Why is sn2 palmitate important?

In human milk, the triglycerides have a special structure, with about 70-80% of the palmitic acid located in the middle position (sn2). Studies have shown that in the middle position, the palmitic acid is well-absorbed, delivering more of the fat and calcium that benefit babies’ growth and comfort. INFAT® PRO is our most concentrated grade, with 60% or more of the palmitic acid bound to the second position (sn2 palmitate).

Higher concentration of sn2 palmitate, and thus higher absorption of palmitic acid, has been shown in multiple studies to reduce the formation of calcium soaps in babies stool. This increases calcium absorption, improving bone mineral density and strength. It also results in softer stools, and increased comfort for the baby. Higher palmitic acid absorption has also been shown to support beneficial gut microbiota and intestinal health.

The percentage of 16:0 in formula triglycerides (x-axis) was plotted against the mean percentage of 16:0 absorption (green circles) or calcium (blue circles) reported in clinical studies with preterm and term infants to derive the Cohen effect

Modified Cohen’s effect size (Cohen 1988) was calculated for fat and calcium absorption out of the RCT’s: Carnielli, et al. 1995; Carnielli, et al. 1996; Lucas, et al. 1997; Kennedy, et al. 1999; and Lopez-Lopez, et al. 2001

Bar-Yoseph, F., Lifshitz, Y., and Cohen, T., Review of sn2 palmitate oil implications for infant health. Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids, 2013. 89(4): p. 139-43.


The clinical support described here is based on studies conducted regarding to INFAT  PRO only. Data specific to INFAT , INFAT PLUS or INFAT MF is not available at this time.

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