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As birthrates have decreased globally, the infant formula market space has become very competitive, forcing infant formula producers to innovate. INFAT®Organic offers manufacturers a premium solution aligned with consumer trends. An organic sn-2 ingredient designed to be added to infant formula to increase sn-2 palmitic level to at least 40%, INFAT®Organic is certified by China and in Europe, also recognized organic by Australia,
New Zealand, and USA.

The push towards organic solutions begins with consumer preferences. Market research by IFF and numerous reports published by Mintel and others clearly show that this trend is becoming very significant. Today, when parents are asked what they are looking for in formula, they place safety and assurance, scientific substantiation as well as natural, healthy, organic and non-GMO at the top of the list.

As the competitive environment drives the infant formula market towards further premiumization, and formula producers look to innovate and differentiate, INFAT®Organic offers a perfect solution– responding to both consumer preferences and the market need for differentiation.

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