INFAT®PLUS 2.0, combining Chinese
human milk fat structure with very
high sn-2 palmitate level


INFAT®PLUS 2.0 combines the benefits of INFAT®PLUS with the high sn-2 level of INFAT®PRO. This is an innovative fat blend developed by Advanced Lipids designed to be closer to Chinese human milk fat, that offers a combination of high sn-2 palmitate together with an OPL/OPO ratio that is closer to that found in Chinese human milk fat.

The figure represents the C52 triglyceride profiles (including OPO, OPL, LPS, LPL and OPS) in INFAT®, INFAT®PLUS, INFAT®PLUS2.0, as well as the suggested level of sn-2 palmitate.

INFAT®PLUS 2.0 is specifically designed to be closer  to the TG structure found in Chinese human milk fat with higher concentration of palmitic acid bound to the triglyceride mid-position, compared to INFAT®PLUS, making it a unique premium offer.




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