INFAT® MF – a vegetable-based fat component enriched with milk fat

INFAT® MF is a blend offered by Advanced Lipids. The combination of INFAT® and milk fat brings the best of two worlds to infants: the optimized calcium and fat absorption made possible by the special vegetable-based fat structure of INFAT®, together with the fatty acid derived from milk fat. This unique combination enables manufacturers to offer enriched formulas that support comfort and a more natural taste.

All the benefits of INFAT®

INFAT® MF is based on INFAT®, which has been clinically tested to provide important benefits compared with the vegetable oil-based fat components used in many infant formulas. In INFAT®, a high concentration of palmitic acid in the middle position of the triglyceride enables improved absorption of fat, calcium and other essential nutrients. This leads to improved bone mineral density and strength, softer stools, increased intestinal health, and increased comfort, less crying and more sleep.

Double the advantage

With INFAT® MF, infant formula manufacturers can offer mothers a dual advantage: a superior vegetable-based fat component enriched with milk fat.


The clinical support described here is based on studies conducted regarding to INFAT MF only. Data specific to INFAT , INFAT PLUS or INFAT PRO is not available at this time.

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