Healthy Growth


Bone Strength

Nutrition affects bone development
Bones form the framework for a child’s growing body. They are living tissue that changes constantly, with old bone being replaced by new bone.
Because it is widely believed that osteoporosis originates in childhood, researchers have made significant efforts to determine the factors that influence bone mineral buildup in healthy children. They found that the absorption of nutrients, such as minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, is tremendously important for normal infant growth and development and may contribute to early bone mineral buildup. This means that providing optimal nutrition during childhood may be essential to reaching the highest possible peak bone mass.

INFAT® benefits bone strength parameters

Studies show that INFAT® containing infant formula supports the absorption of calcuim and fat and strong and healthy bones.
A clinical study carried out to compare the benefits of infant formula containing INFAT® with standard formula tested the formulas’ effects on infant’s bone strength. It was demonstrated that term newborns fed with infant formula containing INFAT® for 12 weeks had a significantly higher bone speed of sound (SOS)* than that of newborns fed with standard infant formula. The bone SOS was comparable to that of breastfed term newborns.

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Fat & Calcium absorption

Helping babies grow: The link between fat, calcium abaorption and healthy growth

Typically, babies triple their weight and double their height during their first year. Such rapid growth requires a high-fat diet, with frequent feedings and efficient fat and calcium absorption.
By mimicking the qualities of human milk, infant formulas containing INFAT® increase fat absorption and improve calcium intake, for strong and healthy bones, and proper growth.

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