What Is INFAT?

INFAT®, marketed and sold by Advanced Lipids, is a fat component used in infant formula that mimics the composition, structure and benefits of human milk fat.

A sn-2 palmitate (OPO) fat ingredient, INFAT® has been clinically proven to bring multiple benefits to babies:

  • Reduces infant crying
  • Softer stools
  • Increases bone strength
  • Increases fat and calcium absorption
  • Enhances beneficial gut flora
  • Controls intestinal health

How does INFAT work?

Human milk is the optimal choice for infants. But when breastfeeding is not practical, providing the closest substitute is best for a baby’s comfort, health and development.

INFAT® mimics the special fat structure found in human milk!

In human breast milk and in most infant formulas, the fat, comprised primarily of triglycerides, provides about 50% of the calories needed for healthy growth of the infant. The triglycerides in human milk are especially enriched with a certain fatty acid called palmitic acid, and so are many of the infant formulas. However, in human milk, the palmitic acid is found in a unique structure that cannot be found in any other types of oil. This special structure, known as sn-2 palmitate, has a very high proportion (70-75%) of palmitic acid bound to the second position of the triglyceride.

Several key benefits of human breast milk depend to some extent on this special fat structure. While sn-2 palmitate is not found in the vegetable oils commonly used in most commercial infant formulas, it is provided by INFAT.

Infant formula containing this special fatty component resembling the fat in human milk has been clinically proven to provide important benefits compared with commercial infant formulas made with the commonly used vegetable oils.

For example:

Infant formula with sn-2 palmitate has been shown to enhance babies’ immunity, improve comfort and support health growth.

What makes INFAT unique?

INFAT closely mimics the composition, structure and nutritional value of the fat found in breast milk and is beneficial for proper infant health, development and comfort.

The vegetable fat found in standard infant formulas is structurally different from the fat that naturally occurs in breast milk – a difference that can limit the absorption of vital nutrients. INFAT, manufactured through a patented process, is the fat component for infant formulas that best mimics the structure of fat in natural breast milk. This brings infant formula containing INFAT closer to the natural qualities of breast milk, enabling fat, calcium and other essential nutrients to be better absorbed.

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