ESPGHAN Annual Meeting


Visit us at
Booth 29
Espghan, Milan Italy
15-18 May 2024

We are excited to invite you to meet our experts and discover INFAT®PLUS and INFAT®Organic.

Closer in structure to Chinese human milk fat
INFAT®PLUS, the innovative fat blend developed by Advanced Lipids, is designed to be closer in structure to Chinese human milk fat in all major TG species. INFAT®PLUS complies with GB standard 30604-2015 for OPO and may be the best choice for Chinese infant formula.

A perfect solution for consumer preference and market differentiation
As birthrates have decreased globally, the infant formula market space has become very competitive, forcing infant formula producers to innovate. INFAT® organic offers manufacturers a unique solution aligned with the global consumer trend towards organic food products. Organic INFAT® is certified by China and in Europe.


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