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Join us at Asia Growth virtual event and discover what is new in the world of sn2 palmitate

Infant formula global market is valued at around 50 B UDS with about half of this value in China. Chinese market is a very attractive market but is also extremely competitive, and the search for innovation and new trends is constant. One of the main trends that has been taking off in the last few years with a double-digit growth rate is organic. Consumers are looking for organic formula and are willing to pay premium for it.

Sn2 palmitate or beta-palmitate is a unique fat structure found in human milk. This unique structure is associated with healthy growth and development and an increased comfort and well-being of the infants and is found in many of the formula marketed in China. Recently, Advanced Lipids, a JV of AAK and Frutarom, is offering organic INFAT®, certified by COFCC to its customers. The impact of sn2 fat ingredient on the organic infant formula market is very significant, since due to raw material and certification restrictions organic infant formula normally don’t have specialized ingredients. By adding organic INFAT® to IF more infants will enjoy the benefits of sn2 palmitate, including softer stools, better fat and calcium absorption, less crying, stronger bones and more.

The interactive broadcast series organized by food Navigator Asia and by Nutra-ingredients Asia will run between June 29 – July 15, 2021

Infant Nutrition series on July 15th @ 3pm SGT (GMT +8)


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