Advanced Lipids Launches INFAT®PLUS – a Fat Ingredient That’s Closer to Chinese Human Milk Fat


New research (unpublished) conducted by Advanced Lipids tested the triglycerides species and other fat components of human milk from Chinese women. The study results substantiated a notion based on published data that human milk from Chinese women is different from the human milk of Western women. The main difference found is in the triglyceride structure of Chinese human milk, and is the basis for INFAT®PLUS, an innovative fat ingredient specially designed to be closer to the structure of mother’s milkin China. Mother’s milk offers optimal nutrition for infants, and the fat it contains provides half the energy they require for healthy growth and development. Nearly all of this fat is in the form of triglycerides (TG). The most abundant TG species in mother’s milk are palmitic and oleic acids, mainly in the structure Oleic-Palmitic-Oleic (OPO) or Oleic-Palmitic-Linoleic (OPL).

The launch of INFAT®PLUS represents a major step forward for infant formula. We are proud of launching this innovation focusing on the world’s biggest and most important formula market. The new ingredient INFAT®PLUS was launched at Food Ingredients.

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