Chief Scientist Visited Taiwan Pediatric Association with INFAT® 7.0


During April 22-23, 2017, Taiwan Pediatric Association (TPA) held their annual pediatric summit. More than 2000 pediatric doctors participated in the summit, held at Taipei International Convention Center. Advanced Lipids chief scientist, Dr. Sigalit Zchut, was honored by the TPA and the internationally renowned nutrition company, as a guest speaker. Advanced Lipids is global producer and marketer of OPO SN-2 palmitate, and Dr. Zchut shared the latest INFAT® global clinical study with the audience, and answered questions in a well-attended discussion with 300 pediatricians and experts. Mr. Liu Jian (Advanced Lipids China Chief Commercial Representative) was also invited to that meeting. The summit was hosted by Professor Su Baihong, President of TPA, a very important and influential figure in the TW pediatric nutrition area.

(Raymand Yin, Sr. Medical Marketing Manager, Wyeth Nutrition, Sheri Volger, M.S., Principal Clinical Scientist at Nestlé, Dr. Sigalit Zchut, Liu Jian)


INFAT Q&A time

Palmitic acid (C16:0) is the predominant saturated fatty acid, comprising 17-25% of the fatty acids in human milk. This fatty acid has a preferential positioning in human milk for the sn-2 position (about 70-75%). This is highly conserved across populations, regardless of the mother’s nutritional diet and is called sn-2 palmitate The triglyceride with the palmitic located on its second position is called sn-2 palmitate, beta palmitate, or OPO, and is listed as 1,3 dioleate 2-palmitate triglyceride on the package of infant formula.


INFAT® 7.0 Advanced Lipids’ sn-2 palmitate fat ingredient, is a clinically proven component used in infant formula to mimic the composition, structure and benefits of human milk fat. The 7 benefits of INFAT® include softer stools, less crying, improved fat and calcium absorption, improved bone strength, intestinal health, improved healthy gut bacteria, and night sleep.


“Taiwan Pediatric Association”is known as Taiwan’s most influential pediatric medicine association. Every year, they invite the global leading pediatric experts to share the most cutting-edge and hot information to pediatric nutrition medical doctors and related personnel.

31 pediatricians co-sponsored this association in December 1959. It was established on April 3, 1960, and there were 196 members at that time. Nowadays, there are more than 4,169 active members and 3,902 pediatric surgeons. The original name was “The Pediatric Association of the Republic of China” (中华民国小儿科医学会), and it has been changed to “Taiwan Pediatric Association”(台湾儿科医学会) in 1991.