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State-of-the-art production INFAT® is produced for Advanced Lipids in two fully dedicated, state of the art facilities of AAK, one is in Karlshamn, Sweden and the other in Zhangjiagang, China.
These fully automated production units are designed for continuous operation, and are equipped with the latest technology for the enzymatic process of structured triglycerides of the type found in mother’s milk.
The two productions plants that are located in two strategic geographies enable us to offer our customers a global supply, an efficient supply chain, custom made oil blends and guaranteed capacity.

Our patented enzymatic process INFAT® production is fully integrated into the AAK oils and fats manufacturing facilities, which are suitable for production of tailor-made blends for the global infant formula industry.
The AAK factories have a high quality standard with a strong focus on food safety, as well as an existing supply chain in place – from raw materials, production, quality control, and storage of finished goods, to dispatch. The plant has all necessary quality assurance and quality control certifications for the baby food industry.

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